Al Sistem | Ventilated facades
Al Sistem- najbolji izbor za projektovanje, izradu i montažu aluminijumskih i PVC konstrukcija na stambenim, poslovnim i industrijskim objektima.
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We often wonder what the priority in life is – the external appearance or inner essence. Anyone looking for cladding material has probably already found a proper answer to this question – both. Because both are important aspects when it comes to selection of material, a product must meet several conditions. It has to protect the building from external conditions but also to ensure that the building has an expression of individuality, which is why the quality of design is equally important. Characteristic of these facades is the air space between thermal insulation and facade cladding. That air space acts as an extra insulator and dries that capillary moisture usually generated due to temperature differences. Today they are very common way of cladding, mostly for business buildings, but in recent years increasingly for private and residential facilities too, and the reason for this is growing selection of panels and the availability of materials.

Besides modern design, a ventilated facade offers one of the best solutions for thermal insulation, because it has an extra layer of air that provides excellent insulation, especially in the summer, ensuring considerable energy savings. Basic characteristics of ventilated facade systems represent long life, reduced maintenance costs and a high level of comfort.

This type of cladding is characterized by:

  • Lightweight for a very simple and quick installation
  • Weather resistance
  • Absolutely flat surface, even after bending
  • Bending can also be done manually
  • A large selection of colors and easy machining
  • They can be applied both on the facades and roofs as well as in the interiors of buildings.